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Types and purpose of cookies

Our website uses cookies. These are small data files that the web server offers to your browser when you visit it. The browser usually stores them on your computer or other electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) in order to efficiently browse the website, perform certain functions and enable the website to remember certain user settings. Cookies are used to store settings, manage a session of an individual user, differentiate between users, and to track them on a website (or between several websites).

Our website also uses cookies, which provide you with a better user experience by remembering your login or registration on the website, the information entered in the online forms and your consent to the use of cookies.

We will not pass on the information collected through cookies to third parties.


Types of cookies:

Cookie name Purpose and description of the cookie Validity Page
_utma Website statistics 2 leti
_utmc Website statistics Do zaprtja brskalnika
_utmz Website statistics 6 mesecev
_ga Website statistics 2 leti
_gat Website statistics 10 minut
cookieAgree Shrani izbiro uporabnika če se strinja s piškotki 13 let
cur_referrer Sistemski piškotek Do zaprtja brskalnika
session_sid Sistemski piškotek Do zaprtja brskalnika

Cookies are divided based on their functions, whereby some of them are essential for the operation of the website. Without these cookies, certain services you would like to use on this website would not work properly, so they will always be installed.

Functional cookies are the ones that help the website remember your selected settings. You manage the installation according to your own preferences.

Analytical cookies are cookies that record the activities of visitors on our website. We use the service for the purpose of analysing traffic (counting visitors, identifying browsers, logging time a user spends on the website, detecting navigation problems, etc.). With the help of these, it is easier to develop a website tailored to your needs and improve the user experience.

Advertising and profiling cookies are cookies of third parties (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.) that anonymously collect data on website visits. They are used by advertisers to show ads that they think are relevant to the visitor.

Cookies are distinguished according to the following characteristics:

• Temporary (and session) or persistent cookies;

• Own cookies or third party cookies.

A session cookie is a cookie that is automatically deleted when you close your browser, while a persistent cookie remains stored in your browser until a certain period of time has elapsed (which can be minutes, days, or years).

Own cookies are set by the website you have visited, and third-party cookies are set by an external partner web service which is included in the website due to the desired functionality.