Legal notice

Legal notice

All content published on the website of the University of Ljubljana Career Centres at is the property of the UL Career Centres and is of an informative nature. UL Career Centres shall not be liable for the use of the website or for any damage caused by the use of content contained therein. We strive to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

We reserve the right to modify the content of this website at any time and in any way, regardless of the reason and without prior notice.

All information and images on this website are subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection.  

Any other use or distribution of this content is not permitted without prior permission.

Posting of vacancies on the Career Centres website and on social networks

The UL Career Centres website posts new vacancies (student work, traineeships, work placements, contract work, regular employment, work abroad) on a daily basis. The posted vacancies are suitable for our students and graduates in that they require at least level VI qualification and up to 2 years of work experience. Vacancies are also announced on social networks (Facebook) and in the weekly e-newsletter.

The role of the UL Career Centres is limited to providing information on vacancies and presenting employment opportunities. UL Career Centres do not have a concession to act as a labour market intermediary, and thus do not assume the responsibilities that would arise from applying for a vacancy, the selection procedure, or entering into an employment relationship.

Temporary and part-time work enables students to acquire work experience and additional income during their studies. The emphasis is on the temporary and occasional nature of student work – work that is performed for a short period of time or from time to time. Temporary and part-time student work is regulated by the Employment Relationship Act – ZDR-1 (it may not be performed when elements of an employment relationship exist).

We only post vacancies where applications are collected directly by the employer.

We do not post vacancies from intermediaries such as employment portals and agencies.

Any employer wishing to post a vacancy shall contact the UL Career Centres or a career adviser (by phone or email) in order to receive a form for advertising a vacancy. Once the completed and signed form is returned, the vacancy may be posted on the UL Career Centres website. The employer may also provide graphic material to increase their visibility on Facebook. We reserve the right to reject job postings that do not meet the above conditions.

We reserve the right to modify the conditions for posting vacancies on the University of Ljubljana Career Centres website and on social networks at any time and in any way.